Spring Fashion

Liliana Henriksson, Staff Writer

With spring in the air everyone wants a fresh new look on a low budget and look good in this nice, fresh weather. Everyone wants to stand out and be on top of all the spring fashion trends. This year, the color trends for the spring are bright colors. Any color that really stands out and makes a bold statement is trending currently. Although it is a little bit chilly currently in Georgia, you can still prepare for the upcoming good weather.

This spring for bottoms, the trend is flow pants and straight leg pants. These are both stylish and comfortable, and you can wear them out on any type of occasion. Another trendy pant is called gingham pants, which is pants with a checkered style pattern on them usually black and white. You can purchase these pants from stores such as Target, Forever 21, ASOS, and Nordstrom’s for all fairly decent prices. For shirts, denim skirts, and shorts, continue to be an ongoing trend from last year, and you can now find them almost any store you go into.

For tops, denim jackets and oversized t-shirts are coming into style again being influenced from the 90’s. Distressed shirts and jackets are also a big trend now you can even do it yourself at home. You can find old shirts and denim jackets from your local thrift stores for amazing prices. When you get home, all you need is a pair of scissors and a sewing needle to create your own unique design. Another trend happening for tops in is bright flowy tops. According to Vogue’s spring fashion show, these bright tops are coming into style and you will soon be seeing them in some department stores.

For shoes, one of the current trends is open toed shoes. Although it is too soon to say, it is inevitable that birkenstocks are going to make a come back from last spring because of the current 90’s trends we are seeing. Currently another trend happening for the spring is platform lace-up sneakers for everyday wear. They come in most popularly light colors. You can buy these shoes from Vans, Puma, Nike, and some department shoe stores you can off brand styles of these shoes.

This is just skimming some of the popular trends coming up in the spring this time that you will be seeing. Keep an eye out for these items in store so you can be slaying on your fashion game wherever you are and your friends will want to know where your outfits from.

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