Sports Highlight: Flag Football

Alix Foy, Staff Writer

The Flag Football team here at Wheeler is about to begin their second season. With Coach Dezern and Chef A as the head coaches, they are planning on making it to the state game at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Most of the players who were a part of the team last year, are coming out again this year, along with new players trying out for the first time. Tryouts are used to figure out the different skill levels of the girls and how coachable they are. This will help to determine their spot on the team and amount of playing time. They play their first game on October 18 against Marietta and North Cobb here at home. Every girl on the team puts forth 100% of their energy every time they take the field, whether it be practice or a game. The team is like a tight-knit family, and all the girls will have each other’s back at any time. Flag Football season provides an environment that helps to motivate girls to always do their best. Let us hope that the girls do well this season, and achieve their goals, all while creating lasting memories and having a good time.