College Football Returns: Week 1 Recap


Curtis Compton

Kearis Johnson, Georgia Wide receiver after catching a touchdown pass

Armstrong Tang, Opinions Editor

Finally, after a confusing season filled with uncertain players and teams, college football is back to (nearly) normal. Fans are excited to see how their favorite teams stack up against each other after the hiatus. Players are likely excited for this season due to the rule changes implemented this year, keeping the game fresh. One change that likely excited players the most is the ability for players to be paid. However, they are not paid directly; instead, they can earn sponsors and gain revenue.
This change comes after a long discussion about paying college athletes. Spectators and players alike agree that there should be compensation for such large-scale entertainment. The players are the ones putting in work yet have no form of income directly from football. The NCAA makes millions each season yet refuses to compensate players. Their reasoning is because they are not professionals and do not need compensation for that reason. This has no real merit and does not justify not paying players for their hard work that brings in money for the NCAA. Now, they still won’t pay players, but they are allowed to accept money from sponsors. Matt Said (12), a fan of everything football says “It’s about time players create revenue for themselves. They work very hard, and are basically the ones making the money for the NCAA.”. Many players are already using this opportunity: such as Bo Nix, Auburn Quarterback, Antwan Owen, Jackson State defensive end.
This season is already going full speed ahead. Georgia is showing their strength this season by clinching a win against Clemson in the first week. While Georgia’s offense is looking shakier than fans would prefer, the defense provides a strong base this year. The defense allowed Georgia to hold Clemson and take the win. This boosted Georgia to the number 2 spot and moved Clemson out of the top 4 for the first time in 4 years. Alabama continues to dominate, shutting down Miami and Mercer. Even with their star players of 2020 gone, the new team looks as intimidating as ever for other teams. Another perfect year is not out of the picture. Football is an unpredictable sport and anything could happen. However, when Alabama gets into that championship mindset there is seemingly no stopping them.
Georgia and Alabama are all the talk this season. The UGA team is looking just as strong as when they were in contention for the Championship in 2017. Jeffery Felshaw (12) thinks that “UGA is looking very good this year. I think there is a real chance Alabama could finally be taken down.”. It is dangerous to underestimate Alabama. More than likely, they will trample the competition like they have in the past. Even with a new team and none of the old star players returning, Nick Saban finds away.. However, it is too early to call any projections yet and everything could change in just a week. The end of the season may be a mirage anyway, with the delta variant causing panic in many states and colleges. Some colleges are already taking precautions as far as attendance and player safety goes. The future cannot be predicted, but it is looking shaky as of now.