Signing Day

Emmye Simpson, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022, our athletes celebrated National Signing day. Wheeler has had signing day for many years. Signing day is when athletes make their commitment to a specific college by signing their National Letter of Intent. This year we had thirteen athletes sign. Below is a list of all the athletes who have committed to college.
Sydney Bennett- Volleyball- Southern Connecticut State
Shamyria Dubose- Volleyball- Lawson State
Emmye Simpson- Volleyball- Covenant College
Zyan Hall- Wrestling- Navy
Jake Mansfield- Lacrosse- University of Montevallo
Christian White- Lacrosse- Young Harris
Zac Adkins- Soccer- Berry College
Jayden Brown-Baseball- Montreat
Curtis Huffman- Baseball- Goshen College
Allyria McBride- Track- Vanderbilt
Khaleel Manderson- Track- College of Wooster
Johnathan Irvin- Football- North Georgia Prep Academy
Kyle Burns- Basketball- Radford

I got the chance to interview several teammates of the signees. When asked how she felt about her teammates signing Helen Stadler (12), “I’m so excited for them! I am excited to see how the rest of their career goes and super happy to see how they improve and grow as players in college.” Likewise, Isabella Nazario (12) said, “I’m happy for them and that they get to continue their volleyball career.” I also talked to Yvonnah Noel (12), who said she is very proud of them and acknowledged the fact that they worked very hard in their life to get to where they are, and she is excited to see where their future careers take them.
After interviewing a couple of signees, Jayden Brown stated that he is “very excited to play in college, and mostly looking forward to the new opportunities” Most of these athletes are excited to meet new people and make new memories through their new opportunities. Zac Adkins (12) admitted that he is “definitely nervous as well playing with fully grown men, but a challenge never hurts. Plus, I think I can compete with guys much bigger.” Adkins also said that he had worked very hard to be where he is and is fortunate enough to play in college. He is looking forward to having a close community with the guys on the team, and he can not wait to see where soccer takes him. Coach Kelly stated that she was “Extremely, extremely excited for them. They have worked very hard to get where they are. I’m glad they are passionate about the sport they play enough to continue into college and further their career.” Coach Kelly added that she is very proud of them and excited that they get to live out part of their dream and “experience part of what they want to work hard for.”

We are very excited for all student-athletes who signed, and we can not wait to see where their futures take them. We encourage young athletes to keep working hard, pushing, and staying on top of their school work and grades. Being a student-athlete is not only being an athlete. It is being a student first and putting your grades before your sport. We also encourage students who do not play a sport to find something they are interested in and find a sport or other hobby that you love and enjoy doing.