Royal Engagement

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Rachel Meghan Markle is next up for the royal family. In November of 2017, Prince Harry announced his engagement to Meghan Markle. She was born on August 4, 1981. Being born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Markle had a geographical advantage in her acting career. In between small acting jobs, Meghan would work as a professional calligrapher to make some money. From 2011 to 2017, Meghan’s acting career was at its peak. Some of her significant acting roles include Jill on “General Hospital,” Veronica on “CSI; NY,” Wendy on “90210,” Megan on “Remember Me,” Jamie on “Horrible Bosses,” and her most known role of Rachel Zane on “Suits.” Since her engagement, she is taking a break from acting and focusing more on humanitarian work. She was praised as “a true humanitarian” by a charity called, World Vision. World Vision is a charity in Rwanda that Markle worked with closely.
How did the royal couple meet? Well, the two met through a mutual friend on a blind date. Things moved very quickly moved from there; Prince Harry invited Meghan on a three week trip to Africa where they connected.”I managed to persuade her to come and join me in Botswana, and we camped out with each other under the stars. Then we were really by ourselves, which was crucial to me to make sure that we had a chance to get to know each other,” says Prince Harry as he finally concluded that he is in love with her. The couple was dating secretly for four months before the news hit the public in October of 2016. After months of speculation from the media, the couple announced their engagement on November 27, 2017.
With the wedding coming up in May, Meghan Markle has a lot to prepare for in the meantime. Luckily for her, her mom is a yoga teacher and has taught her from a young age always to look her best. Not only for her physical being but her mental well-being, with the wedding in a mere four months, this is very important. Her favorite way to clear her head is by jogging, “So for me, running, I need it as much like for my head and clearing my head as I do for keeping in shape.” Some other things Meghan has to keep in mind, are some wedding traditions. Appearance wise, Meghan will most likely be wearing a tiara during the ceremony, she will also arrive in a carriage in a very extravagant dress. Also, her bouquet of flowers will most likely contain the flower, Myrtle. This flower has great significance because the royal myrtle plant was given to Queen Victoria in the 1800s by the grandmother of her husband, Prince Albert. Now wedding wise, we can expect to see Prince Harry’s niece and nephew in the wedding, we can also expect to see a daytime wedding, a big glamorous wedding cake, two wedding receptions, and most importantly, their wedding ceremony will be in a historic church. Everyone in the world is excited for May 19, 2018, to see how this extravagant wedding goes down.