Chasing the America Dream

Ashleigh Ewald, Staff Writer

May 21, 2018

The American Dream first became famous through James Truslow Adam’s writings in 1931. James Truslow Adam’s definition of the American Dream is that “life should be better and fuller for everyone...with opportunity for each according to abili...

Curls for the Girls

Curls for the Girls

May 18, 2018

San Diego Women Are Marching for Equality

Time to Change

May 17, 2018

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Braves

May 14, 2018

AVID at Wheeler

December 20, 2017

Wheeler High School now offers a class for people who strive for success and are determined to be great academically.AVID will provide students with strategies and skills that no other class can. AVID, the college readiness programs...


John Dobbins, Staff Writer

December 20, 2017

The original meaning of the word cult is “excessive devotions.” A cult is typically a group of people devoted to person or god or something they feel deserves the utmost respect. Cults have long been an enormous interest to...

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