How Serious Are Our Favorite Trends?

Taylor Franklin

Social media has found a way to make jokes about situations that do not exactly joke friendly. They see a right way to shed some light on a dangerous situation while still making people laugh.      Internet memes and trending topics on Twitter are good examples of this. Most of the trending topics on Twitter consist of memes or funny tweets that have a serious meaning. Some of our favorite internet trends are, #tweetlikethe1600s, “My FBI Agent,” Tide Pods for dinner, school shooter jokes, and suicide jokes. While everyone is enjoying all the tweets and memes of these trends, these all consist of real-world issues.

The first trend is, “#tweetlikethe1600s”. With this trend, you tweet like you are either a slave or a slave master. Some tweets include, “When you see masta coming you gotta start running,” “When masta is coming so you have to pretend like you cannot read.”Although these are very funny, some African-Americans believe this is not a subject that should made into jokes. After all that their ancestors have been through, from the long tiring work hours to the painful punishment that was sometimes inflicted for no reason, they believe all people, whether you are black or white or any ethnicity, should not make jokes about it.

The second trend is “My FBI Agent,” this is a much lighter subject to the touch on. These tweets or memes consist of people talking about their “FBI agents.” Some include. “Such a long day at work, can not wait to talk to my FBI agent,” “Me and my FBI agent are so cute right now,” and “When you think you are Facetiming your boo, but it is just two people. Your boo and your agent”. There have been speculations that the Federal Bureau of Investigation does, in fact, watch you through the camera of your device or devices. In 2013, the FBI was accused of using the technique “Webcam Surveillance.” The Central Intelligence Agency has also been linked to this as well. “Televisions, smartphones and even anti-virus software are all vulnerable to CIA hacking, according to the WikiLeaks documents released Tuesday. The capabilities described include recording the sounds, images and the private text messages of users, even when they resort to encrypted apps to communicate,” – The Washington Post.

Saying all of this, make sure you are cautious of the jokes and the people you are around. You may never know how people will take it.