World War II Bombs

Ashleigh Ewald, Staff Writer

On Thursday, police officers investigated a World War II bomb discovered on premises of Fukushima’s nuclear plant in Japan. The explosive was 2.9 feet long and suspected to be of U.S. origin. Nuclear plant workers found the bomb as they were constructing a parking lot for facility’s reactors. More than 70 years after the WWII, people are still finding unexploded U.S bombs shells in Japan. The government is decommissioning and cleaning up the facility. It will take four decades to accomplish the goal of shutting down the nuclear plant.

As you might recall from history, bombs were World War II’s most dangerous weapon. Recently, news websites have been discussing World War II a lot more because pieces of the bombs are being found in different locations of the world, such as the bomb discovered in Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant. WWII started on September 1st, 1939, and lasted nearly six years, ending on September 2nd, 1945. Bombs in WWII were used to cause massive destruction in certain areas. The Grand Slam, Tallboy, Nuclear, and Atomic bombs were the most menacing weapons used in WWII. It is important that the world remembers WWII because different places around the world are still discovering leftover parts of bombs every once in a while.

The Grand Slam weighed in at 20,000 pounds, making it the largest WWII bomb to be tested in the United Kingdom. It was supposed to create a widespread of destruction by causing an earthquake effect to the area in which it struck. Tallboy was the second biggest bomb used in WWII, and it was used as a deep penetration type of bomb. Nuclear bombs have a yield of 50 megatons and can cover one hundred square miles. Suicide bomb dogs were dogs that had bombs attached to them. They were used because the Soviets thought the dogs could detect a populated area, making the weapon the most effective. Lastly, the Atomic bomb releases a lot of energy through a tiny amount of matter, using nuclear reactions to fuel its explosive energy.

World War II ended when the United States dropped an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Since then, people in Japan have been frequently finding leftover parts of the bomb. The impact on Japan from the nuclear bomb was long lasting, considering the air in some areas still has high levels of radiation in it. So, therefore, Japan’s military tried to dispose of the bombs because of the circumstances.