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San Diego Women Are Marching for Equality

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San Diego Women Are Marching for Equality

Akillay Muhammad, Staff Writer

Racism is the most controversial topic on this planet, but specifically in America. In 2018, human beings are still facing some stereotypical or racial nonsense. Racism is not pointing to just one race; it includes all minorities and majorities.

Slavery started in America around the year 1619. The idea of using humans to do the dirty work sparked many ideas among Europeans, but how do you convince humans to treat other humans other than human? Africans had darker skin and different facial features, so it was simple to label us anything aside from human. No race had endured as much pain and suffering as the African American race for an extended time. We were auctioned like animals, thus the beginning of Black Friday( the day after Thanksgiving when slave traders sold slaves for profit). Both men, women, and children endured equal grueling labor from sun to dark. Europeans regarded us as anything but human; property, something to profit off of, or a way to make a living. Racism came about as a way to justify slavery. It was never about hating a specific race. It was about tricking people into hating a particular race to advocate the use of humans as slaves to build this country.

1865 was the year slavery abolished(on paper). Slavery lingered until the 1930’s, which lead America into the times of Jim Crow laws. J.C was a series of racial segregation laws for local and state governments primarily in the south. Black people weren’t regarded as slaves although we did not have any civil or voting rights. Equal education and voting rights weren’t accessible. Jim Crow Laws separated waiting rooms, hospitals, bathrooms, and various public institutions. However, the days of slavery are over physically, but my people are still affected mentally. People won’t stay oppressed forever. It only made us crave justice and equal rights ten times more. Led by Martin Luther King Jr, the general public across the nation watched on their television’s the brutality and killings we’ve endured to grasp the racial injustice in the south.

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Slavery is over, Jim Crow laws are over, but we are inverting all of the work that we embedded to reform America. It has become worse because now that we legally have rights, we still are facing matters of police brutality and racial discrimination. Our people have been through widespread pain and suffering far longer than any other race. Our culture disappeared from Africa along the journey to the “New World.” Similar to the original nation of this country. Native Americans had a beautiful culture that dissipated after the mass genocide caused by Europeans over land. Native Americans on the reservations today are a repressed society because they lost their way of life. They massacred their race, and families still celebrate Thanksgiving. African Americans as a community are adrift because we were kidnapped from our country and brought overseas to work with no pay and no rights. Our culture had erased, so we recreated a culture in America. Racism has become a broader issue to other races because of immigration. People from different countries come to America looking for a better life. Other minorities even Europeans face discrimination because of foolish rivalries with America and their home countries. Hispanics condemned for legally or illegally entering this country. Asians are also criticized for their appearance, their culture, and their language. Most nations aren’t well developed, and people come to this country looking for a better life for their families. Citizens still don’t quite understand what it is like to be considered an outsider because of our differences. DACA is a program made by the late President Barack Obama to shield illegal immigrants from deportation. Trump ended this program because of his racist views against people of color. He has also degraded countries by referring Hispanic and African countries as “shithole countries.” Our president does not care about all people; he cares about his race and makes any other person from the community appears as inferior.

This country is flawed because of what and how it built. The mentality of being superior to another race should stay in the 19th Century. Global warming is a substantial issue that is more important than the dislike of a specific race. We as a people need to understand each other’s history and be considerate of each other. We have to be respectful of one another’s background. All anyone wants is to be accepted and live a better life. We have to have those difficult conversations about race and cultural appropriation. There is only one race; the human race filled with multi-colored people.