Chasing the America Dream

Ashleigh Ewald, Staff Writer

The American Dream first became famous through James Truslow Adam’s writings in 1931. James Truslow Adam’s definition of the American Dream is that “life should be better and fuller for everyone…with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” However, the belief of the American Dream existed before James Truslow Adams in the colonist’s time. It originated from the “Declaration of Independence” and became the United States’ national ethos. The American Dream is a set of beliefs of democracy, liberty, opportunity, equality, and rights. Hard work and persistence in the face of obstacles define the American Dream will bring great success and opportunity. People should believe in the American Dream because it was born many people freedom, progress, and prosperity. The American Dream allows citizens to band together and set goals, have self-confidence, and work towards their passion. Those who believe in the American Dream go by the saying that possibilities are endless if that one knows what he or she is would like to pursue. Other people have different versions of what living the American Dream is. Some think that avoiding poverty and loneliness is achieving the American Dream and others say that being wealthy and working hard for a privileged life is the idea of the American Dream. There are different versions of accomplishing the American Dream.

The sensation towards the American Dream started when I was a little girl. I always wondered what caused political figures to begin their work. Then it hit me one day, and it was the strive to become what they wanted to be. Over time, the experiences I had in the past caused me to work towards making something out of myself. Its what I went through and mistakes I made that began the feeling of the American Dream. The American Dream is essential to me because it gives people hope that everyone has equal opportunity to work hard and not take advantage of the freedom. The American Dream is on freedom assisting people to find their opportunities and to be successful. I became entirely passionate about becoming a political figure for the people because it is my mission to protect them. The American Dream stood out to me when I met a Holocaust survivor. That’s when I realized that people could accomplish anything and find opportunities for a brighter future. The Holocaust survivor Andre Kessler taught people never to give up and keep working hard for the results. He lived, worked hard, and found little opportunities that helped him to survive Auschwitz. That experience proved to everyone that even though he had countless obstacles, anyone can achieve their goals. That is how I know that the American Dream is real.

Ever since I stepped my foot into middle school, I have started living the American Dream. I got straight A’s in middle school and kept getting involved with my community and found my passion in sixth grade with the help of my social studies teacher Jane C. Moore. My pursuit of the American Dream so far has been achieved by humbly being recognized and on different news stations. The first step in accomplishing my goals is doing fantastic in school and being in a lot of extracellular activities. I have helped students set goals and achieve them through hard work by providing articles on the Wheeler catalysts. I wrote an article called “Get Involved” on the Wheeler Catalyst page so that young people can participate in the government and can find the inspiration to become part of their society. I believe that students should think about what they want to do for the rest of their lives while setting goals, knowing how to face obstacles, and understanding that it’s oneself who is responsible for creating their opportunities.

People can be anything if they put their minds to it and are willing to put the work efforts that are necessary. It is the people’s strive in working hard for what they want in life that keeps the American Dream alive. The American Dream is not dead if people keep believing that the right to have the freedom to speak up is an assist in finding opportunities. America’s ethos lives on by the people and how they shape the country. Others think the American Dream is fake and useless. People sometimes do not understand where the American Dream originated. Maybe if others took time to learn about it, then that could influence them. Being informed about the American Dream would affect people that there are tons of possibilities. The ones who don’t think it’s achievable for all, believe a person’s social class that they are in determines their fate of accomplishing it. That is not true because only that person can decide how far they go and can break the poverty cycle. It doesn’t matter where people’s social class is, it’s the person’s dedication and passion that got them there. In that case, the American Dream has impacted many and how significant it is in the lives of so many people.