Donate for Calin


Taylor Franklin, Staff Writer

About two weeks ago, a 12-year old named Calin Terrell Chaney was shot and severely injured. On that Friday night, Calin was in his kitchen playing Fortnite when the incident occurred. “We heard the glass window break, and he started screaming. When I ran to the kitchen, I could not believe what I was seeing. I saw Calin holding his side and saw much blood. It was a scary experience I hope I never have to go through again,” says his big sister Syera Chaney. The bullet hit the right side of his body which affected his spleen, liver, and intestines. When Calin first arrived at the hospital, he was in a medically-induced coma. Thankfully, he was only in the coma for a week and then the doctors were able to wake him up. “I was really excited. I just prayed every night that he would wake up and he finally did. As soon as we got that call, the other family rushed to the hospital,” (Syera). Sadly, the bullet is now permanently in his right side of his body because it pierced his liver and intestines. When Calin gets out of the hospital, he will have a long road of recovery ahead of him. Luckily, he will have an unlimited amount of support ranging from strangers who heard his story, to close family and friends throughout the whole process.

Calin is described as a young, bright kid with a promising future ahead of him. “He is a charming, loving, social, and is always willing to do something for someone. He would not hurt a fly. He would never get in trouble at school, everyone at his school loved him. He brings us enjoyment in every way, whether it was him telling us his stories about school or stories about his dreams. You could always find Calin either playing a game or playing football. He would play them when he came home from school, always staying up late. After the incident, it took away the joy in what he loved most.

Even though this situation is heartbreaking, the Chaney family has been staying strong for Calin throughout the entire process. “This took a toll on all of my family and is hard for us to swallow. We would never believe that this could happen to the most innocent little kid that was always treating everyone that came around him so special,” (Syera). If you or you’re family would like to donate to Calin’s recovery fund, you can click the GoFundMe link, any amount is much appreciated.