Wheeler PSAT Event


Ashleigh Ewald, Event Coordinator

Wheeler High School had a mock SAT event on September 8, 2018, and students were required to rsvp if attending it. The day of the event started at nine am, and students were instructed to bring only pencils, pens, calculator, and a snack between breaks. Students that came purposely wanted to be part of the even to get ready for the final SAT by taking a pre one. That pre-SAT is used to recognize the students’ strengths and weaknesses. Then the instructor makes sure people fill out their Applerouth ID and Event Code in the answer sheet provided. The Wheeler Wildcat Prep event for the SAT on September 8, started from 9 am to 12:45 pm. Breaks were used between hours in testing and students got to stretch from sitting so long. The purpose of Wheeler High School producing this day was to make it so students would be able to see an ideal type of structure the SAT was.


Students were located in the cafeteria because the pre SAT testing was held there. They had test booklets distributed out to them, and every section of it was time. The first section contained the Language Arts portion along with section 2, the time limit was around 55 minutes for a section. Then section 3 was the math portion of it, and there were about 25 questions. Then came the written essay part and that was optional to the students. Students who stayed for the written response portion had to write an essay based on the topic given to them. Each person was given a different test booklet, so everyone had unfamiliar questions. This allowed cheating to be difficult in testing for the SAT and people caught had their test be invalid. Meaning that their test cannot be graded. People should know cheating is wrong on so many levels because then that person did not actually earn what they deserve.


SAT scores are a way for colleges or universities to see how much information has been retained in a student’s mind. One of the most hardworking students could have unfortunate SAT scores, but that will not stop them because it will be their passions and strive that gets them to where they want in life.


After the event ended, students were invited to come back to Wheeler High School to study for the SAT every Sunday until after October 28, 2018. Every Sunday they would come back to the school and learn test skills for the final SAT on November 3, 2018, for those who plan to take it. These Wildcat days that are provided by the school are a significant advantage because then students can pick up study habits for their SAT test. The prep SAT lessons were meant to aid students in being successful in taking the SAT and understand the overall content of the information in it.

Never Give Up by Ashleigh Ewald