Mad Movies: Movies To Watch During Halloween


Morgan Hughes, Staff Writer

Suspense/ Thriller

40 years after the original Halloween, Michael Myers makes his appearance in a reboot for Halloween. 1978’s Halloween is about a serial killer who goes out on Halloween and kills teenagers. Michael Myers starts his career after stabbing his sister at the age of six on Halloween night. In the 2018 Halloween reboot, Michael Myers is in a state hospital, and Laurie is 50 years old and ready for the return of Michael. The night of October 30th, Michael is in route to transport to a maximum security prison, but things don’t go as planned. The transport bus has crashed, and all of the patients are running around and free including Michael Myers. The next day is Halloween, and Michael Myers is on the loose. Laurie tries to contact her granddaughter, Allyson but doesn’t answer her phone because she is at the school’s Halloween dance. Michael starts his killing rampage after finding his way into several houses killing the adults and switching out the knives. Allyson’s best friend, Vicky, is babysitting a boy who adds a comedic relief that lightens up the movie. Michael goes to that house and kills her while she is babysitting. The boy is scared and runs out of the house yelling for help. Laurie hears reports on the police radio in her car and immediately goes to where Michael is sighted. When she gets to the house, she finds him and shoots him in the shoulder. Somehow, Michael gets away, and everything Laurie has trained for kicks in. She goes to her daughter’s house and tells her and her husband that they have to go to her house, but they’re missing her granddaughter. Her granddaughter is walking on the way home with her friend but leaves him when he tries to kiss her. He stays behind and meets Michael and unfortunately meets his end. Allyson runs back to see what was wrong and sees Michael and runs away going door to door asking for someone to open up the door and help. Luckily, someone goes to the door and calls the police. The sheriff who was working this case is the same sheriff who caught Michael the first time. The sheriff starts to take Allyson to Laurie’s house but spots Michael and runs him over. You’ll have to watch the movie to figure out what happens .. NO SPOILERS!



This year is the 25th year anniversary for family Halloween classic Hocus Pocus. Hocus Pocus is about three witches that get resurrected after a teenage boy, Max, takes his little sister, Dani, and school crush, Allison, to a museum and lights a black candle. When the witches try to suck out Dani’s soul, they escape with Max taking a spellbook. They find out that they have until sunrise to stop the witches or they will suck out the souls of all of the children in Salem, Massachusetts.


Horror/ Scary

Last year was the ten year anniversary of Paranormal Activity. Paranormal Activity is about a couple that recently moved in with each other and has started to experience some supernatural things. They set up cameras all over the house in an attempt to catch this being. The girlfriend then becomes possessed, and all hell breaks loose.