The First Ever Wheeler Catalyst Magazine


Shelly Chummar , Staff Editor




Wheeler can officially say that 2019 has started successfully considering that the very first Wheeler Catalyst Magazine is out. It was a tough decision to discontinue our newspaper that we put out every three months to create one magazine each semester. The final decision was made based on the idea that we could create more quality content if we limited ourselves while also creating a more elaborate and appealing spread. Our first magazine was “All About Wheeler.” The issue includes information on clubs, sports, events, and new ideas.

As an editor in chief, Anoushka Satoskar had a first experience on the editing process. Seeing as all of the editors had no expertise on Adobe In Design,  it was a little tougher to get a start on the software. The inexperience wasn’t the first problem the editors bumped into. They discovered that our subscription to the software had been discontinued, so every time they wanted to edit they would have to go to another classroom which had the software subscription.

Once the editors got into the gist of things, they were able to make significant process. Along the way, they came in contact with a few other small problems such as quality and space. The original intention was to complete the magazine by December, but the editors decided to extend it to January to perfect it. The whole editing process required constant dedication to come out the way we wanted it to.  

The anticipation of the magazine was built up slowly, and it delivered.  Most of the students at Wheeler are eager for future magazines. Sohawm Sengupta (12th) explains, “The magazine is a more appealing way to express story ideas.” Another student who has been much awaiting the magazine, Caitlin Griffin (11th) says, “The old newspaper was still good, but the magazine makes me want to read it even more. I’m excited for the senior issue to come out.” There is a much higher expectation in years to come regarding the magazine, and Journalism members are excited.

In the upcoming years, we hope that the magazine only continues to improve. Although our first magazine was incredible, there are a couple of things that we could work on improving. We were focused on getting all the information in and doing it correctly. The hope is that in the next years, the editors will be better experienced on how to do it so that the editors can focus on the appeal aspect.

These are just a couple of sneak peaks of the magazine.