The Future of Aquaman in Superhero Movies


Dinko Dermendzhiev, Staff Writer

The newest DC Comics movie release was Aquaman, which came out towards the end of last year on December 21st. The movie is centered around Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman. He plays a demigod who, at first, believes he is an average human. As he discovers he is half-Atlantean, he goes on a quest to prevent war between the worlds of ocean and land. Like all other epics, this is just the surface task he is set upon. He is faced with finding out who he truly is and whether he is entirely worthy of fulfilling his destiny of becoming the King of Atlantis. According to Rotten Tomatoes, Aquaman received a rating of 65% due to its “Lack of protagonist development.” IMDb gave Aquaman a higher score of 7.4 out of 10 as a result of the sheer entertainment provided by the movie. So far, the film has attained a gross revenue of 325 million dollars. This makes Aquaman the most successful DC movie to date, according to revenue.

So how does the audience feel about this movie? Prathik Laveti (12) has to say, “The movie was like any other superhero movie, full of action and great scenery. The plot was lacking, but that’s really not why I go to see a movie like this.” While he may not have had a great feeling about the movie, Vishruth Madhusudhan (10) felt differently, “Aquaman was amazing. It’s my favorite superhero movie right now, and the only downside was how long it was. Like two and a half hours I think.” The movie has done respectively better compared to the other DC Comics, despite the opinions of some viewers.

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Compared to other DC films Aquaman has outperformed previous movies, already making more than Justice League, Man of Steel, and Deadpool 2. There has been news that recently came up that Henry Cavill (Superman) and Ben Affleck (Batman) have resigned from DC Comics and movies, so there is a search for new actors in those positions. This creates an interesting situation for the company and how they plan to keep productions going. So what does it look like for DC movies? Most people, when asked, usually end up choosing Marvel over DC, and with the two main actors for DC gone, the future of DC Comics is questionable on whether or not they can meet Marvel standards. With the recent success that Aquaman has received in such a short time, however, reassurance is given that this situation is a small hump in the long run.

Aquaman has done exceptionally well, money wise, and continues to grow across the globe as well as increase the superhero hype. With all the doubts currently surrounding the brand, this movie might be the start of a new and even better chapter for DC Comics.