Prom at the zoo

Essence Gaynor

Prom is an essential part of every high schooler’s life. In 2016, Wheeler High School’s prom took place at 200 Peachtree; in 2017, it was at the High Museum of Art; and in 2018, it took place at the Ritz-Carlton. This year, on March 23rd at 6:30 pm, prom of 2019 will officially be held at Zoo Atlanta. Wheeler student body has a variety of opinions on the location–seeing as it is unique and unexpected. It is way different than the Wildcats have seen before.

Some Wheeler students agree with the location for many reasons. One student stated, “I can see why some people would be in shock to discover that their prom is at the Zoo, but I don’t see a problem as long as its smell-free, and the place we are dancing is up to par. I’m looking forward to prom this year.” I agree with this statement, seeing as an important event such as Prom is what you make it, regardless of the location.

As long as it’s a memory Wheeler students will hold dear to them for years to come, the fact that it’s held at the Zoo should do little to nothing to disrupt that. Rachel Lewis, the prom coordinator, spoke out on account of the choice for prom to be held at the Zoo; she states, “What’s better than having the chance to see elephants on your special night? We’re bringing the safari to life! Students this year have the opportunity to see some exotic animals, eat some amazing food, and have a great time with friends. How many kids could say they had their prom at the pavilion at the zoo?!”

Others strongly disagree with the location for reasons ranging from how uncomfortable it may be to the fact that the Zoo corporation is unethical as a whole. Jaiden Murphy, a junior here at Wheeler High school, stated, ” When I found out that prom is taking place at the zoo it was kind of shocking. I don’t think I’ll be attending this year.” Like Jaiden, many others agree that the Zoo is an awkward place to host a Prom for high school students.

Both sides have their points, but all in all, prom will be an event everyone will enjoy.

People waiting to enter the zoo
The sitting area at the zoo to rest and take a break