Thrifting for Prom

Caitlyn Reap

Prom season is here and, It’s time to find the perfect dress. There are many dress stores, but the price can be hard to swallow. Traditional stores aren’t the only option, Thrifting has become the best way to look good on a budget, but thrifting isn’t just a way to save money, second-hand dress stores offer pieces that commercial stores can’t provide. Whether your looking for vintage or lightly used there’s something for everyone.

Consignment prom dress shops have popped up all over the country to help match girls that are looking to sell and girls looking to buy. Walking into these shops they and look and run like any other traditional shop. Name brand dresses that were originally 500 dollars go for 100, even dresses that are still available at regular stores can be found for a fraction of the price at consignment. While at regular stores if they don’t have the dress in your size, you can order it, with consignment you don’t have that option. But with all the money you’ve saved buying a dress through thrift, you can invest in alterations to get the perfect fit and have a custom dress. Rent the runway and back by popular demand and two local shops with an abundance of beautiful quality dress that are lightly used, and in trend, you can shop in stores or online.