Shamrock Shake


Evan Mallon , Staff Writer

The infamous shamrock shake from McDonald’s has been a fan favorite ever since the 1970s. It is a seasonal drink that becomes available in late February or early March available until March 24th. It is available at select locations, which can be found using the McDonald’s website or app. Annually, people run into McDonald’s for this minty green shake. The main three ingredients are vanilla reduced fat ice cream, shamrock shake syrup, and whipped light cream. It has forever been a mystery as to what the shamrock syrup consists of, a popular rumor about the syrups ingredient is that there is a hint of lime added, or some other secret sour flavor.

1980s Advertisement with an Irish touch.

I sincerely enjoy the Shamrock Shake and the idea surrounding it. It is exciting to anticipate drinking the shake every year, and the wait makes that first sip taste so much better. Another reason to love the shake is the fatuous population of people who swear by the drink and have a continual love for it. I asked some of the Wheeler students what their thoughts on the shake were, and the results varied. Junior Adam Duffy gave me a very colorful response, “It really filled me with the St. Patrick’s day spirit, and the minty and vanilla flavor is similar to a favorite ice cream I had as a kid. In the end, the components of the shake aren’t what really matters, it’s the idea of getting a green milkshake once a year to fill your St. Patrick’s day happiness.” Next, I asked Alex Said if she enjoyed the flavoring of the shake, she said, “I think the green shake is disgusting. It tasted like chalk and was not a good combination of mint with vanilla, and I really don’t understand why it’s popular.

Whether you have tried it or not, I recommend anyone to try the shake and get their own opinion on it. It is an American trademark of St. Patrick’s day treats, and will be for many years to come. The best way to enjoy the drink if you can’t get your hands on one is to go to Twitter and look at all the ridiculous love stories about the drink.

Vintage 1970s Shamrock Shake Ad