A Quiet Place Review

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Spencer Schmookler, Staff Writer

The proclaimed movie A Quiet Place has garnered enormous success around the world and is returning for a second go around. John Krasinski is the director and lead actor of A Quiet Place with Emily Blunt as the lead actress.
A Quiet Place Part II takes place after the events of the prequel in which a family lives in constant fear of being hunted by unidentified creatures. If they make a noise, the creatures will come to kill them.
Some fellow classmates shared their thoughts on the movie. Makenzie Hollifield (10) says, “I saw the first movie two-three times and liked it. It was pretty cool; it kinda made me wanna learn sign language, to be honest.” She plans on seeing the sequel: “I would go see the second one bc I want to see how the mom and everyone handle the monsters.”
Sonaj Sanders (10) replies, “I’ve seen it, and I don’t think it was like horribly scary. It was like mediocre.” She does not plan on watching the sequel.
The highly anticipated movie A Quiet Place Part II is set to come out on April 23, 2021.