Self-Care During COVID-19

Photo Credit|Jo Malby

Photo Credit|Jo Malby

Whytnei Willis, Staff Writer

When I think of how self-care is essential, it makes you feel better as a person. Self-care can vary from merely doing a face mask or doing things that make you feel happy. Due to Covid-19, businesses closed during this pandemic, and there wasn’t a way for us to pamper ourselves. But there are remedies available to make self-care easy and affordable.
Face masks are treatments that help you skin by hydrating and removing excess dirt and oil, and cleansing your pores.
A face mask is very accessible because all the items could easily be right in your kitchen.

Photo Credit|Summer Fridays

All you need is 1/4th of an avocado, one teaspoon of plain organic yogurt, and 1/2 teaspoon honey. You will mix it into a bowl until you get the right texture that you like. Then apply it to your face, and leave it on for about 10-15 minutes. When it dries, remove it with a warm washcloth. It leaves your skin glowing and soft.

There are other things, like going into nature, painting, and writing. Essentially, it can be anything that brings you happiness. Being in a positive mindset and allowing yourself to relax during this pandemic is essential.
“What’s a home remedy you’ve done during this pandemic? Why is self-care important to you? How do you feel about the guidelines and restrictions at salons? How do you feel about pampering yourself?” Those are a few questions I asked a few students.

“I learned to meditate properly, and self-care is important because no one is going to care for you better than yourself. Your body will give back to you what you give to it, so you got to be nice to it. Pampering yourself is the same thing that applies to self-care; being nice to yourself, in general, will allow your mind and body to work in positive ways naturally. Afterward, I feel refreshed, and my confidence boost.”-Kya Percell (11)

“Work out and eat healthily, and it keeps me happy. I think the restrictions and guidelines in salons are necessary for us to get past Covid-19. And, I feel like if I deserve it and I’m paying for it, then why not.” -Victoria DeJesus (11).

“Writing affirmations in my notepad. Self-care is important because it makes you feel better and lifts your spirit. Plus, I like pampering myself now and then.”- Sahre Ali (10).

“I don’t go to salons, but I can’t blame them for the restrictions; everyone is just trying to stay safe. During this pandemic, I prayed a lot, which helped me mentally and physically. Self-care is important because not only does it give me more confidence it also boosts the way you see yourself.” – Blossom Nzenwata (11)

To pamper yourself from home isn’t expensive, and there’s a lot of masks with different ingredients to help all types of skin and hair. Self-care and love are to remind yourself that your needs are important too. It makes you feel good about yourself and shows how you value yourself.