Update on the Virus


Elyria Johnson, Staff Writer

Coronavirus has been detrimental to all economies and households all over the world. Schools were closed, and many people have been asked to work from home. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus, many cities and states have been going under lockdowns or states of emergencies to stop Corona’s spread.
So far, 10 million Americans have been infected, and more than 240,000 have died. And the numbers continue to rise. President Joe Biden’s first order is to set up a COVID-19 advisory board filled with infectious-disease researchers and public-health advisers who will help them craft a plan to overcome this pandemic. The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has proposed a five-phase plan to advocate a vaccine to all U.S. residents. Starting with Health-care workers and first responders, people with underlying conditions, Essential service workers, Young adults, children, and all remaining residents.

The most confirmed cases are in the United States. Even with the precautions and preparations for the Virus, most countries still weren’t prepared. Many countries have started pushing for lockdowns, shelter in place, or stay at home orders, to contain the pandemic’s spread. It may have you wondering, “How long will this pandemic last?” “What will your lives look like after this dies down?”.
Many parents have been worried about the kids academically with having to learn everything from a computer 24/7. The virtual learning aspect of a school is a constructive way to keep kids learning and keep them on track. Although you can’t learn everything through a screen, it’s not as efficient as it was going to every day and being hands-on.

Here are some thoughts from students on how the Coronavirus has impacted them:

Alyssa Thomas (11): “It’s been complete hell, hard to work and make money always having to wear a mask that very hard to breath in.”

Curtis Huffman (11): “Corona has been the best time for me to focus on myself.”

Jonathan Irvin (11): “It made me realize how unready this country is.”

Khalil Smith (11)” Corona has impacted my life in many different ways including, straight boredom, And has impacted me deeply by imprisoning me in my mind.”

Although the coronavirus has changed the world in so many different aspects, it showed that our world was not ready for a pandemic. In addition to that, it’s hard to go on with your daily lives trying to avoid catching and taking precautions for the virus. Even with support, people are still undergoing problems. It’s also shown how lots of people don’t take the virus seriously by still not wearing a mask, found out, and not social distancing.
In conclusion, no one was ready for a Pandemic, and it has been hard for everyone worldwide for the past year. But little by little, countries have been progressing to get back to the way things used to be.