Xbox Series X vs. Ps5

Brison Lee, Staff Writer

The Xbox and PlayStation community have competed for years. Ever since the first Xbox and PlayStation was released, there was automatic friction. People argue that the graphics look better on the PlayStation than they do on the Xbox, but with the new Xbox Series X and the Playstation 5 is coming out, it looks like it will be a good argument. What everyone doesn’t know is that the Xbox’s and the Playstation’s GPU is technically similar.

The GPU is the graphic processing unit. The PlayStation’s GPU is just larger. People around the gaming community assume that if you have an Xbox, you can’t afford the Playstation. I don’t think it gets that personal and deep to where you have to talk about someone who doesn’t have enough money for the Playstation. Even now, the Playstation is more expensive by $100-$200. People assume that if you don’t have a Playstation, you don’t have enough money compared to people having an Apple iPhone over an Android phone. It then leads on to a whole stereotype wave, which begins the controversy.

The Xbox, on the other hand, is cheaper and has a faster load time. It also holds more storage than any console. Any gamer will tell you that storage is a big issue in gaming consoles with all the games that they play. The exclusive thing that everyone loves about the Xbox Series X is that you can play games from every past generation of the Xbox so that you won’t have to keep buying the same game that you like from every Xbox console.

I have an Xbox because where I’m from, most people had an Xbox so we could play with our friends. However, when I moved to Georgia, most people I know have the newest PlayStation. Especially with the new Ps5 and Xbox series X coming out, people are moving to PlayStation. People who side with the PlayStation community try to sabotage the new Xbox Series X by blowing smoke into it and taking a picture of it to act like it exploded once they tried to play it. To get people’s opinion on which console.

Jaiyln Smith (11) shares his belief on which console is better: “ The Ps5 because it moves faster and looks better with a small controller.” Both consoles are decently fast.

Brandon Tate (11) states, “Ps5 is more popular, but they both are good consoles, and they both do the same thing at the end of the day.”

Carlos Butler (11) states, “ Xbox is better because you have more storage for your games, and it’s cheaper.”

Jailen Davis (11) states,” Xbox has always been better, and they have good controllers.”

If given the choice of only one console, Hasan Basic (10) says, “Ps5 because it has a better UI (user
interface), controller, SSD (solid-state drive), better HDD (hard disk drive), and a faster CPU (central processing unit). The ram is slightly better, which will improve in 4k.”

In conclusion, it’s all your personal preference. I think you should choose which one you think is better. However, I will switch over to Ps5 only because the Ps5 has a built-in microphone to the controller, so I won’t have to spend all that extra money, but overall there are both pretty good consoles. You can’t go wrong with buying the Xbox Series X or the ps5.