Kicking off with the Class of 2022

The senior walk has been a tradition at Wheeler for years. Due to the Covid circumstances, last year’s graduates were unable to participate in this event. This year, with the help of Grace Marietta Church and the senior sponsors, the class of 2022 gathered together to celebrate their last first day. The senior class wants to thank Grace Marietta and others involved for putting together an unforgettable event and providing breakfast. Bringing back senior events after a year in the pandemic presents its challenges, the senior sponsors have to decide to tackle this head-on.

Abbie Duffy and Maddie Zimmerman

They are looking for a safe and fun way to hold events to commemorate these seniors last year in high school. A few of these events include grad bash, field day, homecoming, and of course, prom. Students Kate Casey (12) and Elian Fabbrini (12) both stated that they were most excited to attend prom this year. Sydney Soganich (12) said, “I’m most looking forward to having fun and enjoying time with friends this year”. Fellow classmate Matthew Mejia (12) agreed and advised next year’s seniors to, “Not stress and just have fun”. We hope this tradition continues as the years go by and that it has the same turnout as this year did. Have a great last year seniors!