Space Jam: A New Legacy


Whytnei Willis

Space Jam A new legacy is a nostalgic trip to Toontown starring the Looney tunes and Lebron James. It came out July 16, 2021, showing in theaters, and on HBO Max. This is a sequel to the first Space Jam which was created November 15, 1996, where the Looney Tunes attempted to win a basketball game with the help of Micheal Jordan in order to be freed. The first movie set high standards being that Micheal Jordan was the first basketball player to star in a movie with Looney Tunes. In the new movie, Lebron James and his young son Dom were snatched into a digital space by the antagonist Al G. Rhythm. Lebron then teams up with Bugs Bunny and the rest of the Looney Tunes for a serious basketball game against the Al G. Rhythm team. I had a chance to interview students that have watched the first Space Jam and the recent Space Jam: A New Legacy. Most students who saw both thought the first Space Jam was the best. They liked the original storyline better than the first. “Rate the movie 1-10? What is something that stood out to you that didn’t in the first Space Jam? How does Space Jam bring back your childhood memories? Do you prefer the original Space Jam or the sequel? What was your favorite part?” Those were the few questions that were asked during the interview.

“I rate the movie a 7. I think it could’ve been better. I noticed towards the end of the movie when they were about to have the game that every character that’s been created came in, that was cool! The basketball game and the Looney Tunes bring back my childhood. It just brings me back to when me and my family would sit around and watch cartoon movies all day. I do prefer the first movie because Micheal Jordan was in it. My favorite part of the overall movie was when Lebron James turned into a cartoon character.” -Reggie Bunridge (11)

“ All the different technology really stood out to me, it was different from the original movie. I watched Looney Tunes as a kid, so seeing them in the movie brings back good flashbacks. I prefer the first one because it’s just better overall. My favorite part was when all the characters got their upgrades and new uniforms. The movie was a 7 out of 10.”- Eshawnna Spencer (11)

“ The new movie was completely different besides the Looney Tunes characters. I rate the movie a 3 out of 10. Their cringey jokes really stood out to me. When I was younger I really enjoyed Bugs bunny. Seeing the new movie and Bugs Bunnys appearance on the show reminds me of my childhood. Of course, I would choose the original Space Jam over the sequel any day.” – Carlos Moreno (11)

“The movie was a 2 out of 10 because the acting was bad. What stood out to me was Lebron James actually caring about his son Dom’s interest. The movie doesn’t bring back childhood memories because Lebron James was in it. My favorite part was when Lebron dunk on the Al G. Rhythm team.” – Rob Hunter (10)

“ I liked the way Lebron just wanted his son to be happy. I rate the movie a 5 out of 10

Whytnei Willis

because the acting wasn’t the best. When I was younger I used to watch Space Jam and now that I am older it’s crazy how I can just turn on the movie and get a rush of nostalgic flashbacks. I prefer the first movie because nobody can ever do it like Micheal Jordan.” -Blossom Nzenwata (12)

The Space Jam: A New Legacy has a lot of controversy on whether or not Lebron James could live up to the first Space Jam legacy. I would recommend this movie to anyone that likes animated movies.