Welcome to the Wildcat Wearhouse

Kristen Taylor, Managing Editor

Welcome to the newest addition of Wheeler High school, the Wildcat Warehouse. After all, the planning that went into the Wildcat Warehouse, our new school store is finally open for business. Many challenges were faced when opening the school store, especially since we are in the mids of a pandemic, which delays production and delivery. It took one entire semester to secure funding and another semester to complete most of the planning, as well as spending the summer with volunteers to decorate the school store. When speaking to Mrs. Fedderson ( the marketing teacher), she explains how funding was a challenge because they had to raise their funds which consisted of grants. They received grants by “ applying for several different grants and ended up getting over $9,000.” The upper-level marketing classes run the school store. They are in charge of setting prices, designing posters, printing t-shirts, and giving any store recommendations. Camryn George (12) says, “It’s kind of cool starting up a business and seeing what all goes into it … so you can figure out what works and what does not work.” The Wildcat Warehouse’s objective is to promote/ enhance school spirit and here to help the school as well as the students. The profits go back into the store and the school in different ways. “We aren’t here to make money; we are here to put money back into items that students want,” says Mrs. Fedderson. Mrs. Federson also shared with me that she wants people to know that the Wildcat Warehouse is open and if there is something students would like to see in the school store, ideas are always welcomed. “We are here for the student body.” Located in the courtyard through the garage door, you can find the Wildcat Warehouse, which sells a variety of items, from snacks to sweatpants and hoodies to water bottles. At the Wildcat Warehouse, in the future, you can expect to see drinks, school supplies, new designs, and a push on school spirit. The Wild Cat Warehouse is open Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning as well as all lunch periods. As of right now, they are only taking cash and all sales are final. Next time you arrive at school early or are free during lunch make sure you stop by the Wildcat Warehouse.