Do Crystals Work?


Example of some crystals

Whytnei Willis, Staff Writer

In the modern age of science, believing that a random rock can bring any form of healing is mind-blowing. Crystals have been around for 6,000 years, going back to the ancient Egyptians and Sumerians. Crystals were healing alternatives that brought balance to individuals’ minds and life.
Crystals hold vibrational energy and also affect the energy fields all around them. They are a unique way to help direct and influence energy towards better health mentally when used with the right intention. Thanks to the Placebo effect, similar to how we put faith in the power of prayers and other practices, hoping and putting faith into the crystal doesn’t sound too bad.
People think that by picking up crystals, there’s going to be an instant change. Setting an intention is an essential aspect of working with crystal healing. Use the crystals to heal specific issues and create an intent that revolves around you. There are so many different crystals to choose from. Here are a few beginner crystals, Amethyst helps with intuition, connecting to your higher self, stress, and anxiety. Clear Quartz helps with clarifying thoughts and beliefs, balancing your mind, body, and spirit and improving concentration. Rose Quartz helps with self-love, emotional healing, peace. Citrine helps prosperity, self-esteem, facilitating new beginnings.
“My family is really spiritual, so I was basically born into it. I am more spiritual than religious. I feel like it’s your intentions behind certain things, so when I put my intention on certain crystals like Pyrite, I can attract money. A crystal that improves my mood would have to be Amethyst because it’s my birthstone, and the crystal itself has so many healing properties like helping with stronger intuition, releasing negative and etc. I feel like crystals can enhance you mentally and physically, but you’ve also have to meet it halfway for you to learn from experiences. Rose quartz is my favorite crystal because it boosts self-love and confidence.” Markeese Ware (12)

“I am not religious, I think everyone has to believe in a higher power. I gravitated to spirituality more than christianity or any other religion. I didn’t like the concept of being judged by a bible. Carnelian has been the most impactful crystal for me so far. It really helped with my confidence and social anxiety. I’m learning to open and talk to people. My favorite crystal would have to be Onyx, the name holds so much energy for me. And the crystals itself calms me, and allows me to look at the past and to feel grateful that I’ve come this far.” Auneca Elery (12)
“I’m not a religious person, but I do respect and believe there’s some truth in all religions. I got into crystals as I began my self healing journey. A crystal that improved my mood would definitely be Amethyst, it helped me get more in touch with my inner self bringing a calm sense to my mood. My favorite crystal of all is Amethyst.Advice I would give those who just began would be to trust your intuition, you’ll be intuitively guided to some that are meant for you and some that may not but trust your inner voice and always always set your intentions!” Dana Blair (12)

“Yes I am religious, I am christian. I wanted to change my lifestyle and spirituality introduced me into expanding my beliefs. Opal changed my life, it was very cleansing to the soul. My intention of changing negative thoughts and my outlook on life changed as I began using opal as my go to crystal for relief. I based all my crystals off my pendulum and what it tells me. When I ask questions to my pendulum and based on the answer is what I decide to do. I don’t have a favorite crystal. All of them have a special place in my heart.” Akaylin West (12)

“ I believe there’s a higher purpose. I believe that there’s someone above guiding me. When I began my spiritual journey, It felt like I was opening into a new outlook on life. I began to get into crystals because of how pretty they were. But, I realized that they hold so much more energy. My favorite crystal would have to be Rose Quartz. My intention was to learn how to love myself more and to love every aspect of life, good or bad. Rose quartz vibration is love and it helped me. My advice for those beginning is to take it day by day and write down your progress.” Courtney Selly (10)

Be open to the experience, set aside preconceived notions, set aside expectations of the outcome, start with a crystal that attracts you strongly.