The “Donda” versus “CLB” Battle

Kanye West

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Damaj'ia Wilburn, Staff Writer

CLB(Certified Lover Boy) is Drake’s new album released on Friday, September 3rd, 2021, with a total of 21 songs. This is his first album since Scorpion was released three years ago. His album has many allusions to children, talking about his life as a father, he has a three-year old named Adonis. Donda Kanye West’s album came out Sunday, August 29, with a total of 27 songs. This is Kanye’s first long album with more than thirty minutes since 2016. Kanye’s album is named after his late mother, Donda West. His mother died in 2007 after post-surgery complications. These two albums have been the talk of the past months because of the beef between the two artists starting all the way back in 2018. The beef started because an artist by the name of Pusha T took shots at Drake on a Kanye West song. Drake retaliated and put out a diss track on both artists that lead to Pusha T putting a diss track out revealing the information of Drake’s secret child. The beef took off since then, throwing shots at each other on social media and diss tracks. This is why the two albums dropping around the same time is a big roar and why fans have been comparing the albums.
Kanye’s album Donda debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200 after a five-day period of tracking.Kanye West’s Donda becomes his 10th number one album on Billboard 200.However Drake’s album CLB became the most streamed album of the year on Apple Music within one day of its release, Spotify announces that it had become the streaming services most streamed album in a single day. Drake’s”way too sexy” lands number one as CLB breaks all-time record for having nine singles from one album to debut on Billboard. Kanyes Donda was Apple Music’s biggest album debut this year-until Drake snapped that record 48 hours later. Shortly thereafter, Spotify announced a similar result. Similar to Apple Music, Donda was Spotify’s most streamed album debut of 2021, and the second highest debut in Spotify’s history with more than 100 million streams but according to details shared by Spotify earlier on saturday (september 4th) morning, Drake topped those putting Donda as the 4th largest album debut in Apple Music history in terms of total streams after Drakes CLB which is now 3rd highest according to People, Complex, Spotify and Billboard.

When I asked Ian Nduta in 11th grade he replied”CLB, because it is less emotional and the beats are good”.

When asking Adrianna Mclinnis in 11th grade she replied “Donda. Because I think CLB had a lot of repetitive flow and I think the message is so powerful. It has a lot of hidden messages that make you think and you don’t understand it until you do.” But she would prefer Drake as an artist on a regular basis.

Then I asked Jordan Newsome in 11th grade and he replied “ I liked Donda better because I like the artist there better than Drake’s album”.
In conclusion these are the stats and in Donda and CLB and opinions given about the two albums. The only reason these albums were in competition with each other was because of the ongoing beef between the two artists. Fans were so surprised at how fast Drake dropped his album and how fast it beat kanye’s album in no time. Seems like Drake won the battle when it came down to statistics. The two artists writes two different types of music and their albums were dedicated to two different things and events so there’s no specific winner because they both are two different artists. It’s really based on people’s preference in music.. In my opinion, I like Drakes better.

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