Are McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines Really Broken?


Elyria Johnson, Staff Writer

McDonald’s was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. It’s one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. Recently the FTC Probe is investigating the infamous McDonald’s “broken” ice cream machine. Does anyone believe that the machine is actually broken? Is it the employees being lazy, are the managers just being negligent?.

Mcflurries are one of the most desired desserts at McDonald’s. Everyone knows that you can never get anything that needs ice cream whatsoever, no matter where you go. So being able to get an ice cream-related dessert is like hitting the jackpot.

Biden set a crackdown on companies, including McDonald’s mysterious always broken ice cream machine. But, unfortunately, the problem has gotten so widespread that there are even memes on social media about how common it is.

Evan Benjamin (12) says that “Every time since childhood; it never fails.

Anthony Whitaker (12) says, “My parents stopped taking me after they found out how McDonald’s food doesn’t spoil or decompose.”

Whytnei Willis(12) says, “I recently went and ordered actual food and ice and was turned away because they didn’t have any food.”

Auneca Ellery (12) says that “I will forever get a Big Mac no matter what but will never take a chance to ask for ice cream because I already know the outcome.”

Curtis Huffman (12) says that “I stopped asking for ice cream at McDonald’s because there’s always something wrong with the ice cream machine, and I don’t have time for it.”

Gia Benton (12) says, “I never had McDonald’s ice cream because of the rumors and memes about how much the machine is not working.”

Overall, any McDonald’s franchise will be a disappointment because the ice cream machine is broken. Even though McDonald’s Has one of the largest food chains, they still have significant inconsistencies they need to fix. Now customers have been outraged and finally took a stance.