TV Show Review: All American

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Shweta Krishnan, Staff Writer

All American first aired on The CW on October 10, 2018 and has been a popular Netflix show since then. Based on the former NFL player Spencer Paysinger, this TV series follows through with his life in high school, obviously taking creative liberties with certain aspects. The wide-ranging audience that the show targets has left many people hooked. Season 3 was released back in June of 2021 and left many unanswered questions since the release of the last episode. Season 4 is set to air on October 25, 2021. With the return of fan favorite Darnell Hayes and answers to cliffhangers, viewers have plenty to say about the upcoming season. I had the opportunity to interview students who watched All American in the recent past. They talked about their opinion on the overall show, favorite character, and what they are excited to see in the show moving forward. Some students are absolutely hooked onto the overall plotline of the show, while others see many improvements that could be made in terms of certain issues that are brought forth. It is clear that this series is an interesting topic of discussion amongst many audiences, and we will have to see what the producers have decided to come up with in this new season.