Armstrong Tang Staff Spotlight


Shreya Khanna, Staff Writer

Armstrong is a senior at Wheeler High School, currently in his second year of Journalism. He went from being a staff writer to taking on the challenge of being an Opinions editor. Taking journalism was not originally in his plan of action. At first, he took the class because he was placed into it but grew to love writing and being a part of this class. He said some of his best memories were made in journalism. One of his favorite memories in the class is when his classmates came together and threw him a birthday party, showing how connected the class is. Many describe him to be very outgoing, funny, and great with conversations, as well as a creative and detailed writer. One of his favorite things about the field of journalism is being able to keep the public informed, and he takes a lot of inspiration from Mark Twain.

Outside of this class, he has also been involved in baseball, played the clarinet, been a part of the school’s band, and wishes to soon join the ping pong club at Wheeler. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, watching shows, staying active, and playing ping pong.

Personally, I believe Armstrong is a very passionate and creative writer. From what I have read, he puts a lot of thought and detail into what he’s passionate about. Apart from his writing, he is also very good with making everyone around him feel included and always keeps the conversation flowing.