Covid-19 Pills and Boosters


Lily Francois

Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics created the Covid-19 pills. Authorized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for emergency use, and the tablet would be the first oral medication to fight viral infection. It might provide an alternative approach to prevent severe disease in vaccine refuseniks and vaccine-non-responders and prevent progression to more severe and life-threatening illnesses. Though it has limited study information. The Covid-19 boosters were designed to prolong immunity. It was available for those over 60, which changed to anyone at least five months after their second jab. It’s offered to those with weakened immune systems and recommended by the CDC for the people 18 to 49 with medical issues and 18 to 64 whose profession puts them at higher risk of exposure to Covid-19. The booster is an E.U.A or emergency use authorization.

For the pills, Kaylee (9th grade) has spoken that, “I don’t care for it. I don’t think it should be a pill, but other than that, I have a neutral opinion on it. I wouldn’t take it if I had the chance to since I hate pills, but I also feel like people are going to take it instead because it’s another way to get the vaccine without taking the shot.” Adonia Francois (Grade 12) agrees with the other, saying, “I don’t have an opinion on it, but some people might take it since some don’t like needles.” In a CNN 10 opinions article called Merck’s Covid-19 pill is great news but may not be a game-changer written by Kent Sepkowitz says, “If the results hold up to scientific scrutiny, this is huge news indeed. Effective pills given to outpatients could make a large difference for several distinct groups: for people with mild illness, it could prevent progression to more severe, even life-threatening illness, as the study shows; provide an alternative approach to prevent severe disease in vaccine-refuseniks and vaccine-non-responders (those with severely weakened immune systems), and potentially protect those with recent close exposure to an active case (studies already are underway to examine this last possible use).”

Concerning the booster shots, Kayla Davis (10th grade) says, “ I do think people will take it. People want to get back to normalcy. They want to stop wearing masks and stop quarantining. This is the only way to do so without putting everyone at risk, so these vaccines and booster shots are essential. Some people are skeptical about taking the vaccine, but I think after a while, more and more people will start to trust it like the flu shot.” On the other hand, Dean (11th grade) has said, “There shouldn’t be any boosters or pills.” In an article called Will, You Need a COVID-19 Booster? What We Know So Far, written by Carrie Macmillan author put, “A booster shot is recommended due to concern that the effectiveness of the vaccine decreases over time and may not protect against a new strain, such as Delta. A booster may be given to older people or those with chronic medical conditions or other risk factors.”

With Covid going around, limiting things we can do and go without a mask, and people not taking the vaccines and people not taking the vaccines, people are looking for solutions and ways to help fight Covid. In the methods of which it takes forms of pills and boosters. Many people believe that the drugs and the advocates for the Covid-19 medicine could get somewhere with the medications and the supporters, while others think that it wouldn’t make a difference.