Club Spotlight: BSU

Semi Owolabi, Staff writer

BSU is a club focused on the empowerment and betterment of African American students. And seeks to cultivate a space in which they feel comfortable to express their identity to the fullest. The wheeler BSU club, while not a new club this year, is when the club has had the biggest growth in members. As club president Allyria McBride said, “this year, we’ve had more than 12 members in total, the biggest in BSU history”. So as BSU continues to expand and initiate more members. Its ability to foster a safe space in the wheeler community flourishes. And not only does it serve the ability to create a safe distance. BSU is also planning on organizing a multitude of events, such as a tailgate in the early spring semester. That will include food from various spaces and ethnic backgrounds and as a get-together for the wheeler community.

In addition to that, BSU has been a part of many high school communities and cultures, and it’s been a core foundation of clubs and organizations. That being said, the Wheeler BSU club hasn’t always been the most active. So it’s been inspiring to see the change it’s made this current year. Not only in terms of activity and membership but the overall community and sense of bond it’s formed.