Fall and Winter Fashion Trends!

Semi Owolabi, Staff Writer

As the weather changes and fall and winter temperature become more and more apparent the fashion trends for this winter start making their appearance. One of the initial biggest trends this winter is the classic sweaters. Sweaters are a staple in many people’s wardrobes throughout the year but make a more defined appearance during this time. Whether it be knit sweaters fleece sweaters at the oversize sweater d has taken over. Although this season the trend has taken a slightly different bend with the advent of the sweater vest taking a more prominent role in society. This allows for great layering and versatility in styling whilst still keeping that same sweater motif we all know and love. In terms of footwear, this season is quite versatile whether it be the classic uggs or a pair of black platform boots have always been a style of winter fashion. Although items like uggs have dominated the seasons in eh past as gen z has a more wide influence on culture and fashion media. Higher and newer brands such as Doc Marten Take precedence. These brands have more of a grip on the trends and cycles the younger generations tend to participate in.

Flannels are items of wear that are easy and versatile in style. (P.C. GearPatrol.com)

While these trends tend to take on different shapes and colors each year in the microcosm that is wheeler high school. As students of many different cultural backgrounds and personal expressions. These different factors ultimately end up influencing how you dress and how you express yourself. With that being said students were interviewed to get their personal opinions. The students were asked how they felt about current fall fashion trends, how these trends have personally affected and influenced their style. And ultimately what their personal opinions were about these trends. Student Luana Jessaya (11th) discussed how her views on these trends. She noticed the increase in the use of sweaters and flannels during that time of year and “how they are the most versatile piece of clothing to style”. In terms of her style, the reality of it hasn’t changed much. She said, “my style stays consistent regardless of the seasons. I always wear hoodies and sweaters”. One trend she’s been able to notice this winter and all-season is the rise of platform boots and just other styles of footwear that tend to make an appearance. In comparison to another student, these observations were quite different Nick Hicks (11th) noticed the resurgence of different periods coming to fruition with “70s and 80s styles are coming back in style” the baggy jeans corduroy flares those are additional back that are seeming to make a renaissance in this era. Now only specific times are making a comeback in this winter and fall fashion. In terms of fashion overall, the referencing of older periods is becoming more and more prevalent. As it’s not only easy to base your styles off these trends there’s a whole catalog of pieces to pull from. Another anonymous student expanded on how their styles seem to be different from the norm. “I always express myself in a multitude of bright colors regardless of the season”. Quite opposite from the usual muted fall colors most people participate in. Although this might seem strange to some people these types of groundbreaking styles usually tend to be trendsetting. And the catalyst for the new styles and norms for next year.
Ultimately whilst there are many noticeable trends and patterns that we can take away from these interviews. At the end of the day, these patterns, trends, and behaviors vary from person to person and trends tend to exist in microsomes separate from each other involving various nuances.