Restaurant Review: Iron Age

Korean barbeque, one of the most upcoming popular cuisines in America, is definitely worth trying at late nights on the weekends. Iron Age is a good place to be introduced to a new and surprising concept: a DIY cooking experience. Once you walk into one of the restaurants they have in either Kennesaw or Sandy Springs, you’ll be seated into one of the booths with a grill in the middle of the table. The walls are illuminated with vivid blue lights, giving the restaurant a modern atmosphere. A menu of meats will be given to you so that you can order portions to cook in front of you, along with sides that are already cooked or served to eat. You have the option to cook for yourself or let the server cook for you, as they’re equipped with tongs and scissors to use to cook the meat. This restaurant has all-you-can-eat specials, so you can eat as much meat and sides for one price per person.

The most popular and favored meat is bulgogi, which is sweet marinated thinly cut ribeye, worth trying first at Iron Age, along with the brisket and the seasoned steak. They also offer chicken, pork and seafood options although steaks are their specialities. They may have limited options to what they serve, but they take pride in giving their customers the best quality meats.