Music Review: Dawn FM

Released on January 7th, 2022, Dawn FM is already the new year’s highly anticipated album after The Weeknd had been teasing his fans with the phrase “the dawn is coming” all over social media last year. Following “After Hours,” the discography is his fifth album, inspired by upbeat 80’s hip hop and pop. The Weeknd reminisces his past relationships and reflects the mistakes he’s made at the start of the album, finally accepting to let go towards the end (or, as he calls it, “being the end of the tunnel”). Dawn FM is described as a “cinematic experience,” as The Weeknd’s listeners are taken through a listening experience with the songs being played through a fictional radio station, narrated by Jim Carrey as the DJ. An interlude from Quincy Jones and features from Tyler, the Creator, and Lil Wayne were included in the album.

Dawn FM is a refresher from The Weeknd’s usual style of music. Instead of singing about his dark unhealthy coping mechanisms from his breakups, he finds the light out of this darkness, hence the album’s title “Dawn,” when the sun rises. With The Weeknd’s new side of music that his fans are now listening to on repeat, this album is a must-listen, especially on a late-night drive.