Food Review: Corn Bake

The first Friday of the new semester, Mrs. Wickham was talking about her pregnancy cravings. This ultimately led to discussing our dinner plans for the evening. Mrs. Wickham was the first to go, and the first thing she said was corn bake. If you’re wondering, ‘what is corn bake?’, you wouldn’t be the only person- I thought the same thing. Corn bake is almost like a cornbread casserole; it has cornbread mix, corn, creamed corn, sour cream, and butter. But, I will warn you it’s not for everyone.

Two people I interviewed chose to remain anonymous after they tried the corn bake and decided they did not like it. One person went as far to say, “This is bad ”, but that same person later told me they didn’t even like cornbread.

When it was my turn to try Mrs. Wickhams corn bake, the first thing I noticed was its texture. Now, I’m not a picky eater, or a picky texture eater, but the texture in corn bake is unique, unique enough to make other students point some aspects of it out.

Andrew Sinclair (11) commented on its moist texture saying, “It’s very wet.” This is obviously in regards to the sour cream, creamed corn, and butter- making this dish very rich.

Senior Avery Halseth also pointed this out by stating, “This was very very buttery- but in a good way.”

So you decide, is this a dish worth making? I certainly think it’s a dish worth trying.