Music Review- Euphoria Music

Kristina Ivanov, Staff Writer

Euphoria season 2 has been the talk of 2022. Many people are talking about the new characters, new sets, and new music. I got a chance to interview a few people regarding season 2’s setlist. I asked senior Kaitlin Gollatz what effect season 2’s music has on the theme. She said “ I think this season the music is very dramatic and it creates suspense to go with all of the new plots. I think including Labrinth himself and his music in this season was very smart. It shows repetition but also a sense of similarity from last season”. I then asked senior Gabby Znoj what her favorite song from this season is. Gabby said “ Watercolor eyes by Lana Del Ray is one of my top choices. I like how sad it sounds because it really sets the mood for Euphoria”. Before wrapping up my questions I asked one last senior what their expectations music wise were for Euphoria season 3. Amelia Payne said “ I hope they keep the Labrinth streak going because he really represents Euphoria as a whole. I Really like how dramatic a lot of this season’s songs were so I hope they keep that so they can keep the same dramatic theme in the next season”. Next season’s expectations are definitely high and many people have high hopes.