What Wheeler’s Doing for Spring Break

Kyleigh Paris, Staff Writer

Spring break is always a break everyone gets excited for, and when people plan fun trips. My favorite spring break trip was last year. Me and 11 other family members rented a huge beach house. It had a pool, a huge kitchen, and I got my own room. We did a lot of fun activities, like going to the water park and we went to Disney too! I was definitely kept entertained the entire time, even though having 12 people in the same house was pretty overwhelming.
Spring break is a very popular trip, most rental houses prepare for spring break. It gives students and adults a short period of time to take some time to themselves. A lot of people go out of town because it’s one of the first few weeks where it starts to warm up. Riley Lewis, a freshman, said she’s going to Washington, DC for spring break. “My dad and my sister are coming with me, we’ll be there for 3 days. We’re going to a few museums and looking at landmarks. It’s going to be my first time traveling up there.” She also said she’s excited to see the landmarks. Most people go to the beach or somewhere where it’s warmer, but some people have traditions. Mr. Higdon, the assistant band director, is going up to North Georgia. “My wife and I are going camping, we’re also bringing our dogs. We plan to go hiking and mountain biking. We own property up there, so we’re there pretty often.”

Blue Ridge

People do a lot of different things for spring break. While some of the trips are pretty predictable, some people prefer certain places over the beach or a popular amusement park. Austin Coker, the assistant teacher for the band, is going to Blue Ridge, GA. “My dad, his wife, and my girlfriend are coming with me for 3 days. We plan to go on nature walks, camp, and watch movies by the bonfire. We’re just spending time with each other. This is our first time going up there.” Josiah Heath, a freshman, is also going to Washington, DC. “I’m going for about a week or so with my mom, aunt, and cousin. We plan to go to the Library of Congress and the aquarium. If it’s open for us to go on tour we want to go to the White House too. I’m most excited for the Library of Congress and I’ve never been to DC so I’m interested in what I’ll see.”
There are a bunch of different reasons why certain people go to certain places for spring break. Some people go to the beach because it helps them clear their head, some like the mountains more. There’s also the new environment and lifestyle aspect of it, you get to see a bunch of different things than what you’re used to depending on where you go. Some people like to go visit family or look at historic things, while some just prefer to stay home. You can still get a break just being in your own space. Jocelyn Roa, a freshman, just plans to stay home for most of the break. “I just want to stay home and go on runs with my dogs. Staying in my room watching shows and snacking on random stuff I find in my pantry.” She also said that her aunt might plan a surprise trip to the beach last minute. It’s something that “usually” happens.
Overall, it sounds like most people have something planned for spring break. With COVID-19 being better than it was, it makes traveling a lot easier.