Russia vs. Ukraine

Destroyed Roads in Ukraine


Destroyed Roads in Ukraine

After several years of conflict between the two countries, Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. The ongoing dispute between Russia and Ukraine goes back to 1991. Ukraine separated from the Soviet Union(now known and became an independent country during that year. This separation caused Russia to lose critical military installations in former Soviet states who had also separated. Losing these military installations was a threat because they were designed and made to preserve the country in case of emergency. Russia also was not fond of other Russians living in countries nearby. They would not have as much power because they had less control. In 2008, there was talk about Ukraine potentially joining NATO. NATO stood for The North Atlantic Treaty Organization and was formed in 1949. This organization is a peacetime alliance initially formed out of concern about the Soviet Union. NATO now has 29 countries that are joined. Ukraine potentially joining NATO was another factor in a potential Russian invasion because it posed another threat to their country. Now Russia has invaded, and this situation is now a humanitarian crisis.

Shortly after Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, had announced the decision to invade Ukraine; he warned: “whoever tries to impede us, let alone create threats for our country and its people, must know that the Russian response will be immediate and lead to the consequences you have never seen in history.” Although many countries are not sending in military forces, they take other action. The United States has banned Russian oil from American ports and has placed sanctions to block Russia from U.S. assets. Many other countries and organizations, such as the European nation, are placing similar sanctions, mainly on Russian oil. Various charities are trying to support Ukraine by sending aid and supplies to help Ukrainians. Many people worldwide are doing as much as they can to show Ukraine’s support and stand with them.

Russia’s invasion has immensely affected Ukranians’ daily lives; they have launched 700 missiles into Ukraine. Around. Since the attack, about 2 million Ukrainians have evacuated their home country. About 500,00 refugees have fled to neighboring countries. Most Ukrainians are fleeing near and neighboring countries because many have family there. Train stations are crowded with huge crowds filled with many others trying to escape. At these train stations, many families are being separated. Many families are being divided because men in the family are staying behind to fight for their home country. Many evacuations routes are being bombed and destroyed by the Russian military—many who want to escape but have not yet stayed in bunkers and shelters.

Ukrainian Protesters Protesting Russian Invasion (CNN)

Although the other countries have chosen not to get super involved in the ongoing invasion, they have also been affected in many ways. This situation has had a significant impact on the European Union. They depend tremendously on the natural gas that Russia has. The sanctions that they placed on Russia have caused them to be in a more challenging place. The ban on Russian oil from American ports has caused gas prices to spike vastly. Gas prices in the United States have spiked so much that they have surpassed the record since 2008. The highest prices in the United States previously were $4.11 and are now $4.17 and rising. These high gas prices can cause many financial issues for Americans and force them to budget. Russia’s ongoing invasion will not only continue to affect Ukraine but also other countries with it.

GAs Prices in America (CNN)

Dr. Williams, an American literature teacher at Wheeler high school, stated, “Americans, in general, are feeling a greater sense of solidarity, and that you the Ukrainian anthem being sung through all parts of society from The MET opera, to SNL, to major games, because of our identification Ukrainians democratic belief.”

Mrs. Willis, a substitute at Wheeler, states that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is “a danger to American companies.”

Iysis Symonette (11) says she discovered the invasion news by social media platforms such as “tik tok.”

Mr. Rembert, an art teacher at Wheeler states, “It is insane how gas prices went from $2 to $4 so quickly”

Mr. Rembert, an art teacher at wheeler
(Maya Billings)