Cats Meow: Dr. Astorian

Kristina Ivanov, Staff Writer

The amazing Dr. Astorian herself
Dr.Astorian has been at Wheeler for many years and is adored by all students. She teaches AP Seminar, AP Euro, and AP Psychology. Her AP Psychology class is quite popular and is always filled up each semester. I asked Dr. Astorian a few questions to get a better idea about her career. I started off by asking why she teaches AP Psychology. “ I teach psych mainly because it’s fun. All of the content is interesting and I think it benefits me and the kids.” I then asked her what her favorite unit is to teach. “ Honestly that’s a hard choice because I enjoy teaching every unit. But if I had to choose it would be Social Psych.” My final question to her was what is one thing you wish you could teach. “A history class over the last century. I’m a huge history nerd so that sounds like plenty of fun.” I also got the chance to interview some of her former students. Kayli Kelsch, a senior, said “ I took AP Psych last semester and I loved it. Dr. Astorian is one of the nicests teachers I’ve had and I looked forward to that class.” Senior Ana Andrade said “ AP Psych was the one class I didn’t dread last semester. All of the content was interesting and I loved how hands on and interactive the class was. I definitely recommend taking it if you want an AP credit.” Overall Dr. Astorian is a student favorite and her AP Psychology class keeps expanding.