Final Preparations for Spring Show Underway

Inside Wheeler PAC

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Inside Wheeler PAC

Cornelius Sonnier, Staff Writer

Wheeler High Theatre is preparing for its upcoming spring show. Titled The Witches Princess, the show is set to debut in April; the team has been working hard to ensure flawless performance for the Wheeler High community.

Katherine posing for photo (courtesy of Ms. Day)

The Witch’s Princess tells the story of Princess Alessandra, who will be married off to the knight that kills the evil Bog Witch. However, Princess Alessandra does not want to be married, so she sets out to destroy the Bog Witch herself, meeting a wide range of monsters along the way, the same monsters her father told her to avoid growing up. Overall, The Witch’s Princess tells an inspiring tale of independence and fortitude.

Following their show from last semester, Footloose, the cast will feature both familiar and new faces on the stage this time around. Katherine, a sophomore previously in tech for Footloose, has moved up to the acting cast for The Witch’s Princess. In a brief interview with the aspiring actor, Katherine, she said, “I have been acting since elementary school, though I haven’t been on stage since seventh grade. I am excited to return to the stage and perform with such wonderful people.” When asked to give any spoilers regarding the performance, Katherine ominously commented, “You should be skeptical of every character.” The Witch’s Princess cast will feature just as much diversity as the Footloose cast. Former faces such as Rabiyah Knight, Taylor Bache, and several more are returning to the stage for The Witch’s Princess. Though this time, there is a change in leads. The Witch’s Princess’s lead actress is Nathaly, playing Princess Alessandra.

In an interview with theatre tech member Madeleine, a sophomore who also worked tech for Footloose, she said that the show’s theme is very cyberpunk-based. “It’s like a cyberpunk fairy tale.” Daily, Madeleine and her peers work on constructing the different pieces needed to execute a stage; from props to set pieces, everything begins with a simple design and vision. The process, as Madeleine describes it, is as follows. First, the team drafts a rough concept, a design presented to the higher-ups for approval. Once cleared, the team then works to acquire the materials necessary to make their idea a reality. Next, though, depending on what’s available to the tech team, the concept undergoes a brief period of editing to match their resources. After that, they build the model and ensure its safe for use during the show.

Photo of Cover (Courtesy of Ms. Day)

It is also important to note that all of the props, set pieces, and costumes are designed solely by the students of the Wheeler Theatre program. That has been the case, even for past productions here at Wheeler High; however, The Witch’s Princess is unique because this is the first production in Wheeler’s history to be 100% done by students. Ms. Day commented, “My favorite part is that the kids do everything from start to finish, which is not normal for schools in this area. Normally I can count on one hand how many screws I put in the set.” Though things are not this way because it’s a form of torture or punishment for the members, it serves as a working experience for the students. Ms. Day added, “Each student has the experiences they need to decide if they want to continue theatre in the future (or related careers). I don’t try to shield them from the world ahead of them.” A practice that has proven rather beneficial for her past students, as they were able to undergo the growth needed to prepare themselves for college and the work field ahead.

Wheeler High’s production of The Witch’s Princess is scheduled to premiere on April 29th, with shows lasting until May 1st. On Saturday, April 30th, there will be two showings for The Witch’s Princess that day. Tickets will cost $10 for students and non-students as well. Although it is important to note that ticket prices increase to $15 if you buy them at the gate. As the date of the premiere nears, you can follow Wheeler Theatre’s Instagram account for more information and sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes content for The Witch’s Princess.

With the show just a few weeks away, the effects of crunch time are soon to be felt all across the cast and crew. However, that is without saying that all of the fruits of their labor are to be enjoyed. The actors, crew members, and directors will soon be ready to present The Witch’s Princess to the Wheeler Community. Additionally, The Witch’s Princess was picked with the Wheeler Community in mind. “Come see the show; it’s hilarious. We picked it for you (the students), we picked it for Wheeler, we didn’t pick for competition, we didn’t pick it for parents, we picked it for you, so come see the show,” emphasized Ms. Day. Once again, The Witch’s Princess will premiere in the PAC from April 29th through May 1st, with two shows on Saturday, April 30th. Tickets will go on sale shortly after the Spring Break for $10. So go out and support your theatre Wildcats!