Places to take Pictures Before Prom

Kaitlin Lane, Staff Writer

The Wheeler High School Prom is scheduled for April 23, 2022, at the 12 hotel in midtown Atlanta. Many students wonder what the best spot to take pictures before prom is. Lexie Bickford (12th grade), and a few other students, are asked what makes a good prom photo location. She responds, “Somewhere with a nice background and good lighting make a good prom photo location.” Isabella Nazario (12th grade) says, “The location has to have good sunlight but no shadows for optimal pictures.” The importance of lighting continues to appear in interviews with Aaron Ward (12th grade), saying, “Good lighting and a pretty natural background make a great prom photo location.” From these responses, lighting seems to be one of the most critical factors in a photo location for wheeler high school students.

The same wheeler students are asked where they are taking photos for prom this year or where they hope to take pictures for prom if they haven’t yet decided. Lexie Bickford (12th grade) says, “I want to take photos somewhere with a really nice landscape, maybe a cool park or the square.” Isabella Nazario (12th grade) says, “My group will probably take photos at a friend’s house to make it simple and easy for everyone.” Aaron Ward (12th grade) says, “I want to take photos at the garden room, a gorgeous restaurant filled with plants and great lighting.” Students are then asked why they are taking photos at their chosen location. Lexie Bickford (12th grade) says, “My group wants something with a lot of nature in the background, and hopefully we’ll get good lighting and good weather, so the photos turn

The prom venue, Hotel 12 in Midtown Atlanta (12 midtown, autograph collection)

out good.” Isabella Nazario (12th grade) says, “It’s easiest for everybody to just take photos at a friend’s house cause parking is simple, and everyone knows where to go.” Aaron Ward (12th grade) says, “I want to take photos at the garden room because of the beautiful atmosphere, and it’s different than what other people will most likely be doing. It also is conveniently located relatively close to the 12 hotel.” Natural greenery is an essential factor for most students when picking their prom photo location. Another critical factor to many students is lighting, and they are hoping for good weather on prom day so that photos can come out as well as possible.

When asked what the best location is to take photos this year, Lexie Bickford (12th grade) responds, “Lots of people like to go to the avenue or a country club to take pictures usually.” Isabella Nazario (12th grade) says, “The best place to take photos would be somewhere pretty but not too crowded.” Aaron Ward (12th grade) says, “A lot of people like to take their photos in the park because it has good lighting and nice greenery.” Based on interviews from these wheeler students, East Cobb park seems to be a prevalent photo location this year, followed by the Avenues and Marietta square. Parks are one of the most popular locations for photos this year as they are free, easy, and gorgeous.