Cat’s Meow: Mr. Clarkson

Mr. Clarkson supporting his favorite team

Mr. Clarkson supporting his favorite team

Dev Patel, Staff Writer

Mr. Clarkson has been a teacher at Wheeler for multiple years now and is liked by many students. He teaches AP Environmental Science and biology. His AP Environmental Science class is prevalent each semester and has lots of kids who love it.

Mr. Clarkson shares about his career: “I am passionate about climate change and the effects damaging climate has on society and educating students is a good way to spread that awareness.” He also enlightens on his favorite subject to teach: “AP Environmental because I like the depth that it goes into and I enjoy the students.” Mr.Clarkson explains his favorite unit: “I like unit 4 because I like teaching about how the earth works, and plate tectonics is always fun.”

After, students of Mr. Clarkson share their own opinions. Rhett Morgan (12) says, “My favorite thing about [AP Environmental Science] is that it’s very applicable to everyday life, and Mr. Clarkson always has fun projects.” Kabir Maindarker (12) says, “I like how chill Mr.Clarkson is as a teacher. He’s generally very understanding, and you can tell he cares a lot about the subject.” Finally, Joe Thotungal (12) says, “[Mr. Clarkson] is a genuine guy who cares about [AP Environmental Science] and likes to teach it.” Overall, Mr.Clarkson is a liked teacher who shows his love for the subject in his teaching.