Is School Lunch Fairly Charged?

As the school year started, students had much new news to hear. One of them was the fact that Lunch is being charged beginning this school year again. For two years, students have had the privilege of a free lunch and breakfast. Now, Lunch and breakfast are being charged 3.50 dollars. So naturally, some students have complaints about the new price.

Before our two years of no charged school lunch, the price was only 2.75 dollars. Since the pandemic hit because of Covid-19, students have spent two years enjoying free reduced school lunch and breakfast. They only had to put their lunch number down to keep track of their meals, and later could sit down and enjoy their meals for free. Unfortunately, before spending two years letting students enjoy this “privilege,” Wheeler High School decided to not only come back to charging but increasing the Lunch and breakfast price to 3.50 dollars. Here is what students have to say about this.

“I believe that school should charge lunch, but a little bit less than what they have been charging us,” said Marjory Drullard (12) when asked what she thought about the issue. “Even though I believe we shouldn’t pay for Lunch, I also think the pandemic has a part of this. We did spend two years without Lunch being charged, so they did have a form of income for school taken away”, she added. “Lunch should be charged, but not 3.50 dollars. That is way too much for school lunch and breakfast”.

Another student, Leon Bescosme (12), said something different. “I don’t think we should pay for Lunch at all. Some students can’t afford it, and we are not in school because it’s optional. Like college, for example. And, since we are charged, I believe it should not be costly. 3.50 dollars a day is costly for some of us, who can’t bring Lunch, and have to eat something at school”.” Leon continued when asked about the quality of Lunch, “I think that the quality of school lunch is not very good. Especially for the amount that we are charged. Eating shouldn’t be a privilege. Being at school is not optional, and eating is a human necessity. I know some students don’t eat because they don’t have the money, so they stay 6 hours without eating anything. We spent two years without Lunch being charged. Don’tDon’t you think that Lunch and breakfast should be free permanently since we held on? Or at least cheaper than 3.50 dollars?”

João Victor (12), when asked what he thought about school lunch prices, said, “I think it is out of pocket. If I left school and went to Wendy’sWendy’s, I could get the Four For Four deal and only have to pay some extra dollars; but get a good quality lunch”, he stated. “I understand that two years without charging for Lunch may have caused some harm to school income, but they should’ve kept the original price. Instead, they increased too much”.

Lunch continues to be charged 3.50 dollars until further notice. Most students disagree with the price and firmly believe that we could still go on without Lunch being accused, as the school kept going for these two years in the pandemic. Some students cannot afford it, as most believe that 3.50 dollars are way too much money to pay daily. Most agree that schools should not charge Lunch or that it should be less than 3.50 dollars.