Cats Meow: Mr. Dezern

Mr. Dezern

Mr. Dezern

Cornelious Sonnier, Staff Writer

Mr. Dezern, a teacher at Wheeler High, best known for his relaxed and helpful approach to learning. This is his fifth year here at Wheeler High and he is absolutely beloved by his students. By word of mouth alone, he is known to be engaging with his scholars, ensuring to brighten their day with each class that passes. Mr. Dezern currently teaches horticulture and he manages Wheeler’s FFA branch as well.

“Mr. Dezern is super tall, super chill, and super cool,” says Gabrielle Smith (10), “he’s also very helpful and quite funny too.” Gabrielle also referenced a time Mr. Dezern attempted to console her following a mediocre test grade, “. . . it didn’t help much, but it’s the thought that counts.” Gabrielle Smith is also the head of Wheeler FFA’s Meat Division, leading them in various competitions.

In an interview with fellow horticulture and FFA student William Drowns (10), he mentions Mr. Dezern’s ability to make learning fun, a sentiment also echoed by Gabrielle. As a teacher, he strives to make his classes enjoyable for all whether they signed on for his classes or were randomly placed. In a general consensuses, Mr. Dezern is definitely a teacher who listens to the concerns of his students and genuinely cares about their well being.

Additionally, Mr. Dezern is known to have playful tendencies and doesn’t mind expressing himself in class. In a quote from William Drowns, “Mr. Dezern is a beautiful musician, he really composes some great pieces,” he is not one to stray away from his own personal interests. It is also an energy that can be felt simply by meeting him, one I recently experienced when going to take his photograph.

All in all, Mr. Dezern, Wheeler’s Horticulture teacher and FFA organizer, is a great employee here at Wheeler School. Adored by several students, he is truly an appreciated member of Wheeler’s Staff, and we are looking forward to his continued years here.