Club Highlight: Horticulture and FFA

Plants being grown in greenhouse

Plants being grown in greenhouse

Lakin Schoenthaler, Staff Writer

The horticulture class and the National FFA Organization at Wheeler high are one of two offered in Cobb County. It allows students to learn how to cultivate a garden and can give an understanding of our world’s natural sciences and how to produce fruit, vegetables, flowers, herbs, and ornamental plants. National FFA Organization President and Senior Alexis Allen says, “My favorite thing about the Horticulture class is how we learn so much about a different variety of plants. I love how we get to apply the thing we learn in class; it is very hands-on.”

FFA President Alexis Allen (Right) and FFA member Ella Brennan (Left)

“I like the FFA side of it [Horticulture]. This class provides students with an opportunity to learn more about plants and gardening.” The teacher of the Horticulture class, Mr. Dezern, says “The horticulture class gives our students something that they really can’t get anywhere else. We are one of two programs in the county that has an agriculture program.” The club welcomes people taking horticulture to get hands-on experience they can only get here. FFA and Horticulture also host a spring plant sale, “If you want to buy very reasonably priced plants grown by students here at Wheeler, the presale is on April 1st, and the main sale is on April 15th. This is a great way to get a head start on your spring gardening!” Mr. Dezern, Alexis Allen, and other students are very proud of the program they have built and helped build here at Wheeler. The class is offered for students of all grades, and they are always looking for more people to join.