Flag Football Spotlight

Willow Riney, Staff Writer

The Wheeler High School flag football team started its inaugural season this year. The head coaches are Chef Aguillon and Mr.Dezern. They held tryouts two weeks before school started virtually, they had fourteen girls come to tryouts and they all made the team. They practice every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 3:30-5:30. The team had their first two games on October 26th against Hillgrove and Marietta. Those are the two most aggressive teams and they are both considered the top two teams in the state. They lost to both teams, but they took all of their mistakes and learned from them to help better their team for future games. The next games were held on November 2nd at home, they competed against Osborne with a 25-0 win, and East Coweta winning 14-0. They ended that night with a success by shutting out both teams with two good scoring games. Their most recent games were on November 9th against McEachern and South Cobb. They lost 0-14 against McEachern but they took all of their mistakes from the McEachern game and learned how to improve their plays and technique and won the next game against South Cobb 19-0. All of the girls love this new sport, they take all of their energy and put it into practice and games to make them do as well as they can. The team has become a new family, they all have a passion for this game but most of all they have a passion for learning. They have their final region game on Monday, November 16th against Allatoona and Kennesaw Mountain. If they win one of those games, they go to the playoffs and their season continues. Wishing the team lots of luck to allow their season to continue and their team to grow throughout the next years.