Wildcat Softball Shutouts Westlake for a Successful Senior Night


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The team this season after a BIG senior night win!

Abbie Duffy, Sports Editor

The softball team has been a rise of success for the 2021 season. Last season, the Ladycats closed out with two wins, nine losses, and one tie. The team has already passed their previous season wins, with their current record being nine wins and six losses. It is looking to be a record season for the Wildcat softball team. This year they were joined by five new freshmen who have contributed significantly to the dynamic. Wonderful coaches, Mark Collins, Parker Madden, Melanie Samuel, and all upperclassmen athletes, join them. It will be exciting to see how the rest of their four games go.
Wildcat softball has three seniors this year. Two of them are players, and one is their manager of four years. The seniors are Jordanae’ Lewis, Jordan Hartzell, and Freddy Hartzell. Freddy is the manager. Jordan plays shortstop and center. Jordannae’ plays first, second, and outfield. They have all been instrumental in the past four years of growth and progress of the team. When asked about her favorite memory from the past years, Jordan (12) recalled, “I always enjoy going out to eat with my teammates after the games.” She also advised underclassmen to “stay focused and listen to your coaches.” All of Wheeler will miss the seniors next year, and we hope they relish their last moments of Wheeler softball.
The team has had a smashing season. It is still in progress, but the team’s current record is 9-6 (Win-Loss). A player, Katrina Williams (11), said in an interview that she is “proud of the progress the team has made this season.” The Ladycats have been on fire, and it is not going unnoticed. Shortstop and center fielder Jordan Hartzell (12) also commented saying, “I think this is the best season we have had in a while.” The team has come a long way and has worked hard to get better. The Wildcat nation is more than proud of the Ladycats hard work.
For the rest of their season, the team hopes to keep up a good winning streak. Katrina Williams (11) said that her goal for the remainder of the season is to “keep winning more games and just get better as a team.” The first base player, Nia Humphrey (11), said she would just like “to do good.” They have four games left, one home and three away. One of their opponents is Campbell High School. Jordan Hartzell (12) mentioned that her goal for the remainder of the season is to “beat Campbell once.” The team is well on its way to a successful end of the year. The whole Wildcat nation wishes the Ladycats a good closeout to their 2021 season.