Sports Highlight: Wheeler Gymnastics

Shreya Khanna, Staff Writer

The Wheeler Gymnastics team has been around for around 6-8 years and is a sense of home to many of the athletes who are a part of it. Though small, the team consists of a passionate and supportive group of girls coached under Ms. Marissa Beasley. Ms. Beasley has been the coach for about 4 years now, but the team existed before she started. She was inspired to take on the team because she loved having the mentor role and had a great group of girls to work with. The gymnasts on the team would describe themselves as hardworking and very supportive of each other’s accomplishments. Some of the team member’s biggest accomplishments include going to prelims last year as a team and their growth in members.

Some of the biggest challenges the team describes in being a part of Wheeler gymnastics are that it is not only a physical sport but also a mental sport. It also includes having to take risks and facing your fears. Despite these obstacles, the team has a lot of fun and is always there for each other. They currently have the goals of expanding their team, having a great season, and making state this year.

I believe that the Wheeler Gymnastics team is definitely one that should be talked about a lot more. They have had a lot of great accomplishments over the years and have an extremely dedicated and strong team. With how hardworking they all seem to be, this season will be a great one for all the members.