Coach’s Corner: Coach L

Coach L is Wheeler High School’s Head Track and Field Coach and one of Cross Country’s Assistant Coaches. Coach L is going on her 12th year here at Wheeler High School. Coach L participates in many activities outside of school, but one of the activities she is a part of is East Cobb Cheetahs Track Club or her “Little people,” as she likes to call them, where she starts training kids young as five years old. Anything track and field related, Coach L is “All for it.” Although in her free time, Coach L likes to sleep, if not sleeping, you can most likely find her out and about shopping, having brunch or dinner with friends or her sister from another Mr. (her best friend of 27 years). Coach L’s Favorite food is anything seafood; she loves lobster, mussels, oysters, you name it. When asked what she likes most about Track and Field, she responded with, “As my pastor says, changing lives.” Coach L’s primary goal is to change lives through Track and Field. She has had many kids who didn’t know how to get into college on full-ride scholarships. She believes it takes a village, and she is glad to be a part of these kids’ villages.